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Description and Specifications of DS2616D:


Placed in a remote location, the Dial-Up Loop Extender  bridges the target line and is connected back to the 2816D DNR by a standard telephone line (control line). Once the DNR is programmed with the telephone number of the DS2816D slave, the 2816D DNR will call the slave. As the slave answers the call, a connection will be made between the DNR and target line. The DNR will automatically re-dial the telephone number of the DS2816D if the connection is lost.

The DS2816D will report on/off hook status, ring signals, pulse/ DTMF dialed numbers and will pass audio and call progress tones back to the DNR.



Size: 2.8 X 2 X 1 inches
Weight: 9 ounces
Target Line Loading: DC-10 Mohm
AC-200K ohm
Audio Sensitivity: -25 dBm to -3 dBM
Frequency response: 300-4000 Hz
Distortion: <5 % THD
Off-hook threshold: Adj. 5 to 55 volts
Power: -20 to -55 volts
Standard Telco Line
Dual tone freq: 852 & 1633 Hz
DTMF "C" tone
Audio output: -4 dBm
Tone output: -4 dBm

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