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Racom Products

Innovative Solutions from Racom

Racom Products manufactures multiple & single line digital audio announcer, message repeater, messagerepeaters, feedback elimination, zone paging  and station identifier equipment.  Custom modifications are available at lost cost.

Alarms & Warning:  Our digital audio announcer models have a multitude of applications as audio alarm and warning announcers.  Messages are field-recorded, non-volatile and can be triggered to play with an alarm panel, motion sensor, programmable logic module or switch.  Models are available with multiple messages, multiple trigger connections and telephone remote control.  Applications include Alarm Announcing, Warning Messages or whenever messages need to be delivered repeatedly without failure.

Museum & Information:  Our audio message players and repeaters can provide sound for museums, galleries and exhibitions; anywhere sound can enhance the visitor experience.  Audio message playback may be started by push button switches or automatically with a motion detector.  Information messages can be played at specific times of the day with our clock and timer based models.  All units are field-recorded and most have telephone remote record available. They are very user-friendly

Sound & Communications:  We have many digital audio announcer and message repeater models that record audio messages which can be played back and used to promote your products or services. Messages can be recorded on-site with a microphone/line audio source or remotely by telephone. Single and multi-line units are available with a variety of recording lengths. Applications include Message-On-Hold, Interactive Displays, Alarm Announcing, Trade Shows/Exhibits or anywhere messages need to be delivered repeatedly without failure.  Some models play the message from a removable compact flash card.

Telecommunications: These products are similar to S&C products except they are ideally suited for applications that require informative messages to be played over a telephone line to inbound or outbound callers. The multi-line version can play different messages to multiple callers at the same time. Applications include Weather, Sport/Information Lines, PBX/ACD Announcements and 800/900 Services. Our units install easily, are easy to use and provide years of worry-free operation.

Feedback Eliminators : RACOM's Page Concentrator/ Feedback Eliminator will digitally record pages from up to 5 paging sources simultaneously and then sequentially play the pages over your business PA system after the paging station is deactivated. Features include: Priority Paging, Zone Selection, and Page Repeat or Cancel.

Law Enforcement :   RACOM PRODUCTS has designed and developed rugged reliable wire tapping equipment exclusively for Government Law Enforcement Agencies around the world. Our units can simultaneously monitor multiple telephone lines as well as document and tape all call activity. We also feature products that can monitor call activity from remote locations.

Mobile Radio : RACOM PRODUCTS has a new store and forward simplex repeater.  We also have several voice and Morse code station identifiers models to fit any mobile communication need. Adjustable parameters allow for an easy interface with any base station or repeater while rugged design keeps it maintenance free!!

Custom Solutions: RACOM can provide custom modifications  to our existing products that meet the exact needs of your unique applications. If your looking for a feature or option our equipment doesn't have, we can discuss the possibility of adding it for you.

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send email to info@racomproducts.com

Racom Products is a division of DMR Products LLC

5611 State Road #34324
Cleveland, OH 44134

800.722.6664 or 216.351.1755
FAX: 216.351.0392





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