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MODEL 908MHD & 908SD
bulletFront Panel Features
bulletTwo Buttons for recording* and playing messages
bulletModular handset jack for recording* messages
bulletPhono plug or 6 position modular line connector
bulletFrequency Response and Sampling Rate
bullet50-12 KHZ +/- 3DB
bulletMessage Playback and Recording
bulletMessage is stored in a plug-in Compact Flash* module
bulletMessage may be any length up to 75 Minutes (long times are possible).
bulletRecord message with a PC onto the C.F. module.
bullet*Push button recording of messages is under development.
bulletMessage Repeat Timer
bulletPlays continuously or delays 2, 10 or 20 minutes (other times available)
bulletPlays message from contact closure
bulletPlay message automatically when some walks by with the motion sensor option
bulletAudio Output
bulletAudio: +1 dbm (.85 vrms) into 600 ohms unbalanced load
bulletSpeaker: .5 watt into 8 ohm load
bulletOutput noise is 40 db below rated output
bulletHarmonic distortion: less than 1% at 1000 hz
bullet6 Position Modular Connector
bulletAudio and speaker outputs
bulletSwitched output - closed when message plays
bulletStart terminals - close these terminals to play message
bulletAccessories (Optional)
bulletHandset for recording
bulletCassette tape recorder patch cord
bulletAdditional Information
bullet120 vac wall transformer included with unit
bulletTemperature range: -20 to +80 degrees C. 95% RH
bulletSize: 2.6" W x 1.1" H x 5.5" D Weight: 5 OZ.
bulletColor: Black or Gray

              CompactFlash is a trademark of SanDisk Corp.


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