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MODEL 2816D - Specifications
Front Panel Features
bulletLine activity LEDs
bulletPrinter output: sequential call#, date, time, digits dialed, tone/pulse dialing, call connect, disconnect and duration of call, number of rings, audio time and control condition, power on and down time, target case number and type of call.
bullet16 Button control keypad- Used to control unit operation & enter parameter setup program
bulletLiquid crystal display- Indicates current status of lines or detailed information of a line. Also functions as a setup menu when altering the unit parameters.

Number of Lines

bulletOne standard-expandable to six
bulletMemory Capacity
bullet1000 calls waited to be printed (optional)
bulletDigit Capacity- sixty (60)
Data Output-RS232 with multiple baud rates (optional)
bulletTelephone Line Loading
Bridging & Isolated from Ground-DC- 10 M ohm AC-200 K ohm (Idle line voltage 10 Vdc)
bulletDecoder for Slave -852 Hz and 1633 Hz "C" tone
bulletRotary Dial
bulletDial pulse rate- 8 PPS to 22 PPS
bulletInter Digit time- 300 mS
bulletMake/break ratio-50% to 80%
bulletTouch Tone
bulletMinimum duration-40 mS
bulletMinimum inter digit time- 30 mS
bulletSensitivity- 25 dBm to -3 dBm
bulletRing Detector
bulletDetects metallic ringing voltage (90 Vrms)
bulletLine Activity- non blocking
bulletCassette Recorder Output
bulletSeparate audio output and relay contacts per line
bulletAudio Output
bulletTwo line level outputs featuring Password protected audio with minimization per line
bulletDistortion- -<5% over 300 to 4000 Hz
bulletAlarms- Hold and decode at least 8 alarm numbers
bulletCall counter-9999 Calls
bulletMean time Between Failure- Greater than 10,000 hours
bulletPower Requirement- Standard 115 Vac +_10% 50/60 Hz, 70 watts
bulletSize- 17.25"wide X 5.25" high X 12.75" deep
bulletWeight- 25 lbs Max.



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