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MODEL 1200FE - Specifications
bulletFront Panel Features
bulletMonitor speaker and volume control
bullet1/8" microphone input jack and RCA phono input jack
bulletActivity status indicator
bulletRecord/Playback switch
bulletBack Panel Features
bulletAudio output  RCA phono jack
bulletAudio input RCA phono jack
bulletModular telephone line connector
bulletPower input jack: 11-25 Vdc or ac at 300 mA
bulletFrequency Response and Sampling Rate
bullet40--3500 Hz +-3 db @ 35 Kbps
bullet40-5000 Hz +-3 db @ 52 Kbps (record time is 33% shorter than advertised)
bulletRecording Time- message stored in DRAM memory
bullet30 seconds
bullet60 seconds
bullet2 minutes
bullet4 minutes
bullet6 minutes
bullet8 minutes
bulletModular Connector
bulletConnections for the telephone line or record input, external closure to record and out going play relay contact.
bulletAudio Input
bulletBalanced, 600 Ohm, adjustable
bulletAudio Output
bulletRCA Phono jack, 600 Ohm, adjustable to .4V
bulletMusic Jack
bulletRCA Phono jack for music source that connects to audio output when the 1200FE is idle (music is interrupted during page playing)
bulletPage Record Access
bulletContact closure (std), VOX (voice operated record) or Telephone Line Answer (option L)
bulletTelephone Line Answer-Option L
bulletAnswers 90 Vac ringing with a beep and then records the page. Disconnects upon time out CPC pulse or quiet line (VOX controlled)
bulletVOX (Voice operated record) Adjustable delay of 1 to 5 seconds after last audio
bulletPower Requirement- 11-25 Vdc/ac 300 mA standard (-48 Vdc optional)
bulletSize- 8.5" wide X 1.75" high X 5.5" deep
bulletWeight- 2 lbs

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