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1700xpc2.jpg (9592 bytes)MODEL 1700XPC

"Multi-Line Page Concentrator with Programmable Zones and Page Routing"
Features Description
bulletProvides Feedback Elimination
bulletConcentrate five paging sources into one PA System
bulletPage up to Ten different Zones
bulletZone relay closures can be programmed
bulletUp to 48 minutes of record / playback time available
bulletSequential playing of all pages
bulletPriority message interruption
bulletVariable message length
bulletAudio messages are recorded into digital memory
bulletOn-site message recording verification via an internal monitor speaker
The Racom 1700XPC will record pages from up to five paging sources. Inputs may be activated by telephone line ring voltage, contact closure or VOX.

Upon activation, the XPC will deliver a short greeting message and then record a page from each input simultaneously. Pages are then stacked and sequentially played through a single output to the PA system.

Touch tone telephones may be used to provide the paging party with; zone selection, priority paging, page repeat and page cancellation.

RACOM'S innovative thinking brings you the quality you need with the performance you desire at the price you want!
bulletExtended fidelity 70-7000 hz
bulletbackground music input
bulletAdditional zone select relay contacts (one standard)
bullet5 permanently stored messages
Additional specifications about the 1700XPC


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