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1700xmr2.jpg (8528 bytes) MODEL 1700XMR
"Externally Selectable Multi-Message Audio Announcer"
Features Description
bulletUp to 36 messages are available
in six groups of six messages
bulletUp to 48 minutes of record / playback time available for messages
bulletSequential playing of all selected messages
bulletPriority message interruption
bulletVariable message length
bulletMessage error alert alarm
bulletAudio messages are recorded into digital memory
bulletOn-site message recording
verification via an internal monitor speaker

The 1700XMR can store up to 36 audio messages each with a corresponding selection terminal. Signalling one of these terminals will cause the appropriate message to play out a common 600 ohm isolated audio output and activate a dry contact closure. In the event that two or more messages are selected simultaneously, they will play one after the other. Message selection can be active high or active low and may be configured to play one time or repeated until the terminal is returned to its idle state.


bulletBattery backup protection
bulletExtended fidelity 70-7000 hz
bulletTransistor microphone
bulletTape recorder input
bulletRemote record

Never worry about tape wear again!
Announcements are stored in digital memory and can be played thousands of times without wear or loss in fidelity.

RACOM'S innovative thinking brings you the quality you need with the performance you desire at the price you want!
Additional specifications about the Model 1700XMR


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