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1200s.jpg (9892 bytes) MODEL 1200ES

  Digital announcer with up to 12 minutes of record / play  time, remote record and one, three or six messages .

"Perfect Anywhere a Message is Needed On-Command!"
Applications Features
bulletMuseum exhibits
bulletInteractive displays
bulletAlarm announcing
bulletSelf guided tours
bulletPublic address systems
bulletAnywhere a repetitive message is needed!

*Digitally records your audio message - no tape, moving parts or maintenance

*Up to twelve minutes of record/playback time and three messages

*On-command playback, continuous playback or built in digital timer controls playback

*On-site recording with microphone and line level inputs (downloads directly from tape)

*Message(s) are retained without power or battery back-up 

*Telephone Remote record and  three message versions available

*Play messages automatically when some walks by with the optional motion sensor

Custom-made units available
Made in the USA
Mixes messages with
background music

The Racom Model 1200ES allows you to mix promotional messages with music from an external source like Muzak or DBS. The amount of time between messages is selectable up to 30 minutes.
Takes minutes to install
Audio inputs/outputs are all phono or 1/8" jacks. All other functions are accessed through a standard modular telephone jack. This allows for quick, hassle-free installation.
Never worry about tape wear again!
With digital recordings, your message never "wears out". Messages can be played thousands of times with no loss in fidelity. Our solid state construction allows worry-free operation.
Additional specifications about the Model 1200ES


Ordering Information



For sales info or to comment on this site
send email to info@racomproducts.com

Racom Products is a division of DMR Products LLC

5611 State Road #34324
Cleveland, OH 44134

800.722.6664 or 216.351.1755
FAX: 216.351.0392





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